Oracle Database Management

Objective: Introduction to installation of docker, Oracle database system, architecture, management, P/L SQL, backup and restore.

Textbook:Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certificated Associate Study Guide, Oracle


Part I. Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I

  • Ch1. Introduction SQL
  • Ch2. Using Single-Row Functions
  • Ch3. Using Group Functions
  • Ch4. Using Joins and Subqueries
  • Ch5. Manipulating Data
  • Ch6. Creating Tables and Constraints
  • Ch7. Creating Schema Objects

Part II. Oracle Database 11g: Administration I

  • Ch8. Introducing Oracle Database 11g Components and Architecture
  • Ch9. Creating an Oracle 11g Database
  • Ch10. Allocating Database Storage and Creating Schema Objects
  • Ch11. Understanding Network Architecture
  • Ch12. Implementing Security and Auditing
  • Ch13. Managing Data Undo
  • Ch14. Maintaining the Database and Managing Performance
  • Ch15. Implementing Database Backups
  • Ch16. Recovering the Database

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