• Detect Calcifcation in Mammogrph by using Deep Learning Algorithm (for National Taiwan Hospital), Jan 2018 – Present
  • Develop a quality forecasting platform for PP production prcocess – using Big Data and AI algorithms (for a FPG company), Jul 2017 – Present
  • Develop a forecasting algorithm for thermal deformation, Mar 2017-Nov. 2017, a PMC project
  • Realtime Force and Speed Analysis of the Sprint Start by using IOT technology
    Jan 2017 – Present
  • Develop an analytical platform for thermal deformation – using multiple machine learning algorithms, a PMC project
  • Business Intelligence Training at Excel Cell Electronic Co., Ltd.
  • Build up an Internet SPSS class system (integration with course timetable, students account management, SPSS license management, Citrix API, Active directory)
  • Designed an IEET accreditation system
  • Designed a future investment simulation system – using HTML5 and Big Data techniques
  • Designed an acupuncture mobile system
  • Help to analyze prescription effects from NHIRD database (billions of records).
  • Training and Implementation of Business Intelligence system(Microsoft BI)
  • Training and Implementation of Business Intelligence system (IBM Cognos)
  • Designed a POS system and Sales BI platform for Barden Coffee Co., Ltd.
  • Presentation of Business Intelligence at TransGlobe