Industrial Projects

  1. Development of VAD Algorithm and Optimization of Wafer Test Analysis Platform Using Big Technology, 2023
  2. AI Optimization of Equipment Parameters Considering Energy Saving and Efficiency, 2022
  3. Coating Defect Recognition and Parameter Correlation Analysis, 2021
  4. Conveyor Equipment Failure Prediction Project, 2021
  5. Petrochemical Process AI Prediction Platform, 2020
  6. Development of Automatic Control Techniques Using Visual Recognition, 2019
  7. Establishment of Smart Manufacturing Digital Platform for Gas Generator and Improvement of High-pressure Filling Process Control Technology, Central Taiwan Science Park Administration, 2020
  8. Development of Logistics Monitoring Techniques Using Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, Top Jingle Applications, 2019
  9. AI Emergency Warning System, National Taiwan University Hospital, 2019
  10. Software Development of AI Intelligent Analysis Endoscope Training System, Cheng Yun Biomedical Co., Ltd., 2018
  11. Assistance in Introducing Big Data Analysis Techniques, 2018
  12. Development of a Recommendation Platform Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Maoyong Technology Co., Ltd., 2018
  13. Intelligent Production and Quality Report System and Intuitive Human-Machine Interface, 2018
  14. Whole Plant Intelligent Analysis Mechanism and Adaptive Adjustment System, 2018
  15. Application of Deep Learning Software to Construct Mammography Reading Model, National Taiwan Hospital, 2018
  16. Application of Internet of Things and Algorithms for Short-Distance Start Pressure, Speed Detection and Analysis, 2017-2018
  17. Development of Thermal Displacement Prediction Compensation Correction Algorithm, PMC, 2017/3/1-2017/11/30
  18. Using Semantic Parsing Technology to Analyze Social Media Data, School Project, 2016/8/1-2017/7/31
  19. Development of Thermal Compensation Algorithm and System, Precision Machinery Research and Development Center, 2016/3/1-2016/11/30
  20. Description and Assistance in Introducing Business Intelligence System Modules, Baycom Electronics, 2014/9/29-2014/10/15
  21. Development of a Cloud-Based Big Data Analysis Platform Using Distributed Mining Technology, School Project, 2014/8/1-2015/7/31
  22. Clinical Efficacy Evaluation and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in Degenerative Knee Arthritis, Changhua Christian Hospital, 2014/3/19-2014/5/2/18
  23. Business Intelligence Integration Technology Support, Huamao Technology, 2013/12/15-2014/8/30
  24. Business Intelligence Technology Support, Ruifeng Information, 2013/11/15-2014/11/14
  25. Analysis of the Intervention of Concentrated Chinese Medicine on the Treatment and Prognosis of Kidney Diseases Using Health Insurance Database, Changhua Christian Hospital, 2013/7/19-2014/7/18
  26. ERP System Optimization Add-On Technology, Aizan Commercial Service, 2012/12/01-2013/2/28
  27. Jointly Held National BI Thesis Selection with Strategy Analyzer Technology, 2009
  28. Business Intelligence Technology Support Project, Yitai Technology, 2008
  29. Business Intelligence Integrated Analysis System, Barden Coffee, 2007
  30. Participating in SOA Technology Research and Development, Troytech Singapore Head Office, 2007